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Navigating the Gartech Pneumatic Panel

In today’s entry, we take a look at the components that regulate plant air and cold city water to the Gartech Glue System as found inside the Gartech Pneumatic Panel enclosure.

Before we begin, we must address an important issue. We specify the use of cold water throughout our site and in our manual. Hot water has proven to change the running diameter and shape of the Gartech Glue Wheel and Gartech Glue Shoe.

As an exaggerated description, hot water’s effects on the material make the wheel egg-shaped instead of circular and change the shoe’s squareness. While the change isn’t permanent, running the parts in this condition causes premature wear and corrupts the quality of the glue pattern.

The Gartech part number for the complete Pneumatic Panel is GAR-GU2-0102. This enclosure is included with the Gartech Glue System in addition to a separate control panel. Through this enclosure, we regulate the flow of air to activate the ball valves on the Gartech Glue Manifold, the Bimba-brand air cylinder that raises and lowers the Gartech Glue Wheel, cycles the Gartech Glue Pump and 3-way Diverter Valve, and controls the refill option of the Gartech Glue Scale option.

Gen-1 Gartech Glue Systems did not feature this enclosure or the Advanced Wash Cycle feature. We standardized these features as part of Gen-2 with the Aromat-based control. They are replaceable on a per-component basis, as well as an entire enclosure. In this entry, we’ll show the part number of each item inside the enclosure. These components replace outdated components, without requiring you to replace the entire Pneumatic Panel.

We’ll now take a look at the components and discuss their function. We’ll divide this into four quadrants: Top-Left (TL), Top-Right (TR), Bottom-Left (BL), Bottom-Right (BR). We ask that you respect your plant’s safety policies when entering the panel. Do not make unauthorized changes, or risk your safety or the integrity of the parts inside this panel. Also, while most panels do not have the color-coded tubing of our current systems, they do function the same. The next time you schedule a service call with us, please request an upgrade in the airlines. This removes build-up from aging lines, and makes the panel easier to navigate.

Quadrant TL features a small (safe) block for wiring the Gartech Glue Pump and providing electricity to the solenoid valves. Item no. 22 distinguishes the location of this quadrant. These let us set the pump stroke rate and transfer the signal from the Gartech Control Panel that opens or closes the air-driven components throughout the Gartech Glue System.

Quadrant TR features an aluminum manifold block fitted with solenoids. The air passes through this manifold to its intended component. Most of these solenoids are single. The double solenoid Item no. 2 controls the change between Upper Glue and Lower Glue via the ball valves on the Gartech Glue Manifold. The solenoid on its right-side controls the 3-way Diverter Valve atop the Gartech Glue Pump, which redirects glue back into the Gartech Glue Reservoir or drains water into your facility’s waste pit.

The single solenoid to the left of this valve (above) controls the Glue Fill using a Gartech Glue Scale. Since this is a non-standard feature, the solenoid is not included in every Pneumatic Panel and will be covered with a blank plate. This is different from the solenoid listed as Glue On / Glue Off, which opens or keeps closed the ball valve that sends glue through the Gartech Glue Manifold to the Gartech Glue Shoe.

The solenoid to the far right of the manifold block directs air to the Bimba-brand air cylinder. This cylinder raises and lowers the combination of the Gartech Glue Wheel and Lower Gartech Glue Shoe. While in run mode, the wheel raises. While in idle, it lowers out of the way to protect the surface. Item no. 5 sets the ease of the Extend (raises the wheel) and Retract (lowers the wheel) feature of this air cylinder.

The single 1/8″ air line that stems off the aluminum manifold block provides air to the Gartech Glue Pump.

For the purpose of making it easier to follow along with this entry, we’ll re-post the interior photo below while we continue to discuss the lower quadrants of the Pneumatic Panel.

Quadrant BL features Items no. 9, 10, and 11 which comprise the Air Regulator (80 psi max). This is the go-between from the connection of Plant Air (coming in) and (going out to) the Solenoid Manifold, item no. 12. Gen-4 through Gen-6 Glue Systems will have an Air Dump Valve mounted to the Plant Air connection outside of the enclosure. This removes air from the entire system when taken out of Run mode.

Quadrant BR features the Needle Valve items no. 4, 6, 7, and 8, which control the flow of cold City Water (20 psi max) to the Gartech Glue Manifold. This adjusts the water pressure during a Wash Cycle. The duration of a Wash Cycle is set in the Gartech Control Panel.

To see a clarified schematic between the solenoid and its mating components, please scroll down.

The above schematic comes standard with every glue system, and can be found in printed form inside the panel, and in digital form upon the CD-ROM manual. For a printed manual, please use the contact form at the end of  this entry.

Before we wrap up, here’s our reminder to visit the Gartech Glue System page to review lists of upgrades available to every system. No matter its year of manufacture, or how long it’s been kept out of service, we can rebuild it and make it competitive with a brand-new system.

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