New Gartech 90⁰ Gear Reducer kit

To shorten lead time and lower replacement costs, Gartech Manufacturing is pleased to offer our new Gartech 90⁰ Gear Reducer kit (GAR-GU3-1000) for the Gartech Glue System.

Built around the reliable Nord Flexbloc gearbox and J-coupling, all subcomponents will now be manufactured in-house for better availability, fit, and customization. Produced from the same high-quality materials used in the Gartech Glue System, our new Gartech 90⁰ Gear Reducer kit can be used on any of our current or future systems. If a component fails, the entire gearbox will no longer need to be replaced, and an outdated reducer can be replaced with this design without changing the gear ratio.

The Gartech 90⁰ Gear Reducer kit will include the components shown above. Also added to this kit are (2) spacers to easily determine the proper location of the timing pulley and the J-coupling. These subcomponents are in-stock now. The only wait time will be determined by the availability of the Nord Flexbloc, which will be kept in limited supply.

Download the PDF layout and contact us for a quote on the Gartech 90⁰ Gear Reducer kit.