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  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056
  • Phone217.324.6529
  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056


Gartech Manufacturing started humble and small: one man working out of his garage at night and on weekends. Though these days he prefers an RV to being at home, Jim Garrett‘s business has grown into a 12,000-square foot facility located in breezy Litchfield, Illinois. Situated near St. Louis, we’ve kept a small-business atmosphere while our products have gone on to benefit people and plants in over fifteen countries.

Jim served as a machinist in the United States Air Force and transitioned into a career with McDonnell-Douglas. He also worked for a local machine shop from time to time, before he went into business for himself in the ’70s. His County Tool & Die machine shop catered to several industries and his reputation for precision and quality brought in new business and repeat customers.

As he made more and more repairs for local box plants, he recognized ways of bettering the processes and designs. In the late ’80s, after building his business and improving his trade, Jim branched out and formed the Gartech Manufacturing Company, offering our patented yokes and split heads. He installed our first glue system at the former Temple-Inland plant in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Though it has since relocated, the equipment is still in production 25 years later.

The principles of quality and precision remain in everything we do, but that’s not where it ends. As a small business in a small town, Jim built the company by training workers to become machinists, earning a reputation within the community, and relying on loyalty toward vendors and customers. While his employees can attest to his high demands, the staff at Gartech remains committed to honoring the traditions he has set in place and offering quality products and quality services to our valued customers.

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