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  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056
  • Phone217.324.6529
  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056


Gartech Manufacturing specializes in products for the corrugated box industry, including our patented roller bearing yokes, split heads, patented glue system, glue wheels, glue shoes, custom machining, and other services to retrofit your flexo folder-gluer, folder-gluer, tray press, die-cutter, and other equipment within and outside of the corrugated box industry.

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Gartech Glue Systems fit any variety of Flexo Folder Gluer, and work on both the operator or drive side.

For more information on the Gartech Glue System, Gartech Heads & Yokes, or other Gartech Custom Services, please browse the individual pages found on this site.

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Gartech Head & Yoke retrofits maintain the necessary OEM specifications.

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To learn more about our machining capabilities and product availability, please refer to the Gartech Manufacturing Product Line Card page which lists machines we’ve retrofitted in the past.

All machined parts from Gartech Manufacturing are:


Gartech Glue Wheels

Gartech Glue Shoes

Gartech Split Heads

Gartech Split Gear Rings

Gartech Roller Bearing Yokes

The Gartech Glue Unit

Split Pull Roll Collars

Steel Chop-Out Blocks

Spline Shafts

and more!