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  • Phone217.324.6529
  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056

Gartech Heads & Yokes

Gartech Heads & Yokes fit a variety of machines and are customizable to your specifications.

Split Heads

We offer our proprietary-designed heads in T-slot and Gang-slot form. Many of our Gang-slot sets have an option for manual- or motorized-adjustment of the spline shaft, too. We also manufacture non-yoked heads, should your slotting section use manual panel set-ups. Not interested in split heads or need to work on a tighter budget? We can manufacture solid heads with split yoke rings that allow for easier maintenance and function with our yoke systems at a lower cost to you.

Note: The picture shows the full luster of the quality steel used in our parts prior to the hardening process.

Patented Roller Bearing Yokes

One of our patented designs, these yokes work only with Gartech heads, but prolong the life and improve the function of our parts. Two stationary bearings guide one side of the head, while two adjustable bearings keep heads running parallel to the shaft. Yokes run inside of replaceable yoke rings or reversible/replaceable outer wear plates, machined from high-quality, hardened steel. As for maintenance, each yoke has replaceable cam pins, machined setting pins, set-screws and bearings.

Please note: These yokes are not intended to “force” worn hardware to function better or longer or to ram stubborn panels into motion. This misuse causes swift wear to yokes, heads, and hardware. Always be sure to maintain the shafts, keyways, and hardware for better quality boxes and less downtime.

Visit our Tips & Techniques section for our article on Setting a Gartech Roller Bearing Yoke.

Custom Score Profiles & Creasing Inserts

Want to try another score profile or change the durometer (hardness) of your creasing inserts? We can help you. We offer a variety of options as well as being able to customize designs to suit your needs.

Gang-Slotting Upgrades and Spline Shafts

Tired of T-slot set-up time? Gartech offers Gang-slotting upgrades to include split heads with gear rings, manually-adjusted spline shafts, male knives, and chop-out blocks.

Gartech is now able to offer better pricing on all of our spline shafts without reducing the quality or performance. Ask us for a quote!

Yoke Conversion Upgrades

If your flexo does not feature yoked heads–meaning operators must set each panel manually–we offer upgraded yoke conversions. This includes carrier plates, yokes, guide shafts, motorized ball-screws and yoke rings. We also offer solutions for adding a control to your existing equipment.

OEM-spec Replacements

For those customers kept on a slim budget, Gartech offers spec-replacement heads in either split or solid form. These parts work with OEM yokes and hardware. They are not produced with the same high-quality steel we use in our proprietary design, but they are durable and have some hardness to reduce wear. We also offer split alternatives for brass nuts, pull rolls, and crush collars, with accompanying yokes.

Please note: We do not offer this service for yokes at present.