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  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056
  • Phone217.324.6529
  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056

Gartech Custom Services

In addition to our product lines, we are pleased to offer the following services and options:

Custom Machining

Continuing in our roots as a machine shop, Gartech offers custom precision-machining services to all of our customers. If there’s a part you’re having trouble locating or have modifications you’d like to make, please contact us to discuss your project with one of our expert machinists or project managers.

You can review this list of our machining capabilities.

Feed Gate & Side Guide Upgrades

Gartech offers retrofit services for your feed sections in both manual and motorized upgrades to ensure each sheet enters the machine with accuracy and ease. At present, we quote these retrofits based on location and availability.

Machine Track Upgrades

Gartech offers complete lines of machine tracks and will survey your equipment to guarantee accuracy and performance of our track upgrades. Our rails are precision-ground, precision-machined, and heat-treated for exceptional performance and long life. Rails and gear racks are replaceable by section and able to be installed by your plant’s expert maintenance department.


In addition to the parts we specialize in, Gartech offers our rebuild services on feed sections, slotting sections, and counter-ejectors. These services are quoted based on the uniqueness of the original equipment, location, and time frame.

We are also able to offer customer services for electrical, automated, and hydraulic needs as well.

Non-Standard Equipment

Gartech also rebuilds specialty equipment, including tray presses, folder-gluers, counter-ejectors, and more.