Gartech Quick Ref: Nylon Drive Gear Couplings

Today we’re taking a look at the Nylon Drive Gear Coupling. This soft coupling is fitted between the 90-degree gear reducer and the drive motor on the Gartech Glue System. For those customers who use an “inline” gear reducer, which keeps the motor parallel to the floor, this item is not used. If you’re running a glue system with a 90-degree reducer, the motor will be mounted in a vertical position close to the glue unit housing to allow for greater maximum panel. Without this gear coupling, that unit will not run.

Here’s a photograph of the internal gear teeth and the side-view of this component:

The Purpose of the Nylon Drive Gear Coupling

This coupling requires very little upkeep, but should be observed during routine preventative maintenance. Our service tech will inspect the integrity of this coupling, its accompanying key, and the setscrews that keep it fastened securely during each visit to your facility. The keyed bore in the center of the gear coupling rides on the keyed output shaft of the drive motor and is secured using (2) setscrews. A 3/32″ Allen wrench is required for the setscrews.

The soft nylon internal teeth fit around the steel external teeth located within the 90-degree reducer. Once under power, the output shaft on the gear reducer rotates at a 90-degree angle from the direction of the drive motor. This turns the Drive Pulley inside the mechanical glue unit and causes the Gartech Glue Wheels to turn via their own pulleys via the Dual-Positive Timing Belt.

In the layout below, we feature this assembly breakdown. The 90-degree reducer (Item No. 16), the Nylon Drive Gear Coupling (Item No. 20), and the Drive Motor (Item No. 21). For clarity, all additional idler pulleys and tensioners have been removed from this page.

If you notice wear on the internal bore, the keyway, or on the teeth, we recommend replacement of this gear coupling. The coupling is small and lightweight. Most of our techs carry a spare with them, too. Like the bearings used throughout Gartech products, this coupling is small and affordable, but also vital to the function of your Gartech Glue System.

Download a copy of the GA-05A.2058R layout