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Gartech Glue Pump Diverter Valve

The diverter valve is responsible for receiving liquids from the diaphragm pump and sending (or diverting) in two separate directions. In the application of the Gartech Glue System, we refer to this as a 3-way Diverter Valve (part no. GAR-GU2-0100V) as used with the Gartech Glue Pump Assembly (part no. GAR-GU2-0100) on every system featuring automatic Advanced Wash-Up.

GAR-GU2-0100V 3-Way Diverter Valve
The GAR-GU2-0100V 3-Way Diverter Valve when removed from the Gartech Glue Pump and shown without hoses.

The brass T-fitting union on the bottom of the diverter valve determines the direction, as controlled by air (pneumatic). On the interior of this T-fitting is a ball valve that turns and closes one of the three ports. The non-thru port is fitted onto the Gartech Glue Pump, allowing liquids to pass from the diaphragm pump and out through the diverter valve. This port remains always open, while the remaining two ports are diverted or closed, depending on the function.

To display which side is closed, the indicator on the diverter valve will face away from the hoses that carry glue or wastewater away from the Glue Pump. In Run Mode, the pump diverts unused glue out of the Gartech Glue Manifold back into the Glue Reservoir. This is the most common function of the Glue Pump.

During a Wash Cycle, after the glue has been purged from the system, the diverter valve will send wastewater to the drain as established by your plant according to safety policies. This is the less frequent function of the Glue Pump, but still important. This keeps contamination from entering the Glue Reservoir, the Glue Manifold, and from entering the lines to the Glue Shoes.

When fitting the components together, we’ve found it helpful to refer to the following details:

With Gartech color-coded tubing, remember “‘A’ is ‘Gray’.” The gray ‘A’ line sends (or diverts) wastewater to the drain. The orange ‘B’ line sends unused glue back to the reservoir of the Gartech Glue System.

The notch on the guard and the tab on the brass union should be positioned on the same side as ‘A’. This keeps the lines from becoming crossed, leading to the waste of glue, and filling the reservoir with wastewater.

Note: If these valves ship direct from the factory, they aren’t always assembled in the proper position. When they ship from Gartech, either a service technician or an assembler double-checks both the correct assembly and proper function of this valve.