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Setting the Gartech Glue Shoe Metering Plate

In this entry, we’ll post the procedure for setting the Gartech Glue Shoe Metering Plate. This information can also be found in the user manual provided with every Gartech Glue System. New manuals can be purchased for $35 in print or $50 in digital format.

Gartech service technicians provide training to any available operators and maintenance personnel prior to startup of any new Gartech Glue System installation. To allow you to maintain a working knowledge of the components, follow these outlined steps, with the aid of schematic Figure GA-1 (below) to explain how to meter glue using the glue shoes.

Inspect for signs of wear and send to Gartech for a redress if necessary.
Figure GA-01 Setting the Gartech Glue Shoe Metering Plate

CAUTION: For safety, electrical power and air must be turned off and locked out prior to performing this procedure. Glue Wheels can be turned by hand for the purpose of installing and adjusting these settings.

1) When handling machined parts, please use caution. These parts are precision made to fit the mounting surfaces exact. Please handle with care, do not apply force with hammer or pry bar as damage will prevent correct alignment and adjustments.

2) Check the clearance of the metering plate on both sides to the patterned area of the glue wheel for .001” to .005” gap. This is the amount of glue that will be metered onto the glue wheel. If adjustment is required for applying more or less glue on the glue wheel, loosen the two holding bolts on the metering plate, adjust as needed and re-tighten the bolts. Do not over-tighten with power tools or air-driven tools, as this will damage parts and reduce functionality.

NOTE: The metering plate must not be adjusted beyond the outer surface areas of the shoe more than .001”. To check the setting of the metering plate, use a straight edge across the width of the glue shoe and adjust as needed prior to installing.

Always respect your plant's safety guidelines!
Figure GA-02 showing the working components required for proper function of the Gartech Glue Shoe and Gartech Glue Wheel

To set the glue shoe and glue wheel:

Set the glue shoe in place on the mounting surface and install the 3/8-16 stainless steel socket head cap screw. Using the wrong length bolt will misalign the shoe and wheel, cause uneven wear, and damage the Gartech Glue Shoe and the Glue Shoe Mounting Plate. Slide the Gartech Glue Shoe toward the Gartech Glue Wheel and tighten the mounting bolt by hand. Turn the wheel by hand until it turns freely.

CAUTION: Do not operate the glue unit if either glue shoe is misaligned, as damage will occur. If the glue shoe adjustment procedures cannot be made with accuracy, check the Gartech Glue Wheel, Gartech Glue Shoe, working surfaces, and mounting surfaces, ensuring they are clean and free of nicks and burrs. Call a Gartech maintenance mechanic if repairs or mounting plate realignment is needed.

Additional settings:

1) The air regulator pressure should be set at 80 PSI maximum.
2) The glue pump should be set for one (1) cycle per second. Exceeding this range may cause foaming of glue in the glue reservoir.
3) Set the air flow on Bimba cylinder high enough only to allow a smooth, even transfer of the lower glue wheel from an idle position to operating position.
4) Set water pressure regulator at 20 PSI maximum. Adjust the needle valve to an open position that is 3-1/2 complete turns from the closed position. This ensures thorough washes.

Does your pattern look like this?

When set properly, you should get a pattern on the Gartech Glue Wheel that looks like this: