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Gartech Glue System layout

Users of our Gartech Glue System can refer to this layout as a way of understanding the various components included in our stand-alone systems. We’ve also included basic footprint measurements, a color-coded chart detailing each function of tubing and wire, flow direction of the glue manifold, recommended pressure settings for air, cold water, and glue, and part numbers for component assemblies.

Below the layout, we’ll list information on featured items.

Regardless of what flexo you’re running, or what style of control, motor, pattern, or year, this layout will let you see the general workings of the Gartech Glue System. This layout shows all of the options available for initial purchase or as an upgrade to any system, including speed monitoring, scale monitoring, guards, drain pans, AC upgrade, color-coded tubing, and even our (popular) control stand.

Note: The Dual-Positive Timing Belt & Pulley configuration changes with some models. This reflects the “standard” housing size for all systems sold after 2004, which is the TP570H100 57″ Timing Belt with two tensioner pulleys. Previous larger models, using the TP750H100 75″ Timing Belt used one tensioner pulley.

Starting with the Control Stand (part no. GAR-GU-0105) on the left-hand side of the layout, we’ll list the components and give a brief description.

GAR-GU2-0101T AC Control Panel

With full-color touch-screen functionality, this control panel is the center for setting and monitoring the performance of the Gartech Glue System. This is where operators decide on upper or lower gluing and wash cycles. Track runtime, downtime, and how long it’s been since the last wash cycle. Program settings are password-protected, but accessible from this panel. It’s also available with a dual speed-monitoring upgrade that tracks the speed of the Gartech Glue Wheel to the speed of your machine. We also earmark each line for identification. The AC control panel is LOTT-rated, too.

GAR-GU2-0102 Pneumatic Panel

Mounted beneath the control panel, this enclosure houses and protects the solenoids and regulators that control the water and pneumatic functions of our Glue System, Glue Manifold and Glue Pump. This is where the connections of color-coded tubing are made and the pressure settings monitored. In Safe mode, the air dumps from this panel. Users of our Scale Option also connect the Glue Fill Valve into this panel. The solenoids have been labeled for showing their function, as well. Newer models include a diagram inside of the panel for easier maintenance at the plant level. The pneumatic panel is LOTT-rated, too.

GAR-GU2-0100 Glue Pump Assembly

Located at the base of the Control Stand, the Glue Pump with its 3-way Diverter Valve controls the elimination of wastewater sent to the plant’s drain and unused glue sent back to the Gartech Glue System Glue Reservoir. The pump is often the sound associated with our unit, as it keeps a flow of fresh glue moving in and out of the Glue Shoe. During a Wash Cycle, it will run faster to clean and purge waste.

The next category we’ll look at begins in the middle of the layout, starting beneath the Gartech logo.

GAR-GU2-0104 Glue Reservoir Tank Assembly

The Gartech Glue System often features basic float valve technology, but this layout features the higher-end Scale option with Pneumatic-controlled glue delivery. The weight of the reservoir determines the frequency of when the glue supply is refilled, taking the responsibility off the operator. The option showing the Pressure Regulator between the Plant Glue Supply line and the Glue Reservoir is now standard on every Glue System. This keeps from destroying the float valve as well as eliminating foaming from a pressurized central supply (provided recommended pressure settings are held).

GAR-GU2-0103B Glue Manifold

This is effectively the heart and lungs of the Gartech Glue System. Cold water and glue flow from this assembly. The proximity sensor that controls changing glue and cycles is found here. It’s the manifold that determines which Glue Shoe and Glue Wheel are receiving glue or water. Due to its containment, it can become daunting to maintain and understand. We’ve added color-coded tubing and a flow emblem here to help simplify its purpose. If your system doesn’t have these updates, they can be easily upgraded during your next service call. Be sure to mention it to us and we’ll make those arrangements for you.

The Gartech Glue Unit

Every system is unique to its user but can interchange onto a variety of patterns, equipment, and upgrades. We include a unique serial number on every unit, which lets us identify the date of manufacture, the purchaser, and which style of equipment it features. Pattern sizes and mounting can change as you need, so always feel free to ask a question if you’re considering a change. We also offer Guards and Drain Pans for those with problematic work environments. We manufacture every part here in our shop, as well as testing the systems before they ship to our valued customers.

To the right of the Glue Unit, you’ll see the same equipment in side-view, as viewed from the delivery end. The most important feature of this equipment side-view is its presentation of the AC drive motor. Gartech made the switch away from DC-driven systems in 2004, and this change has proven itself as one of the most beneficial upgrades to old systems. The style shown in this view is the motor belonging to our Dual Speed Monitoring system. It’s fitted with an encoder that lets the wheel speed match the speed of your equipment.

Signal Followers

Nestled between our two views of the Glue Unit, you might notice two smaller disc-shaped components. The one above our imagined feed line is used for monitoring the speed of your flexo as part of the Dual Speed Monitoring Upgrade. This is an encoder-and-wheel attachment that lets our Gartech Glue System match speed. Below our imagined feed line is a Run Signal generator for use on machines that might not be able to produce a clean signal. While we would like to make these standard options, we prefer to keep your costs down. They are purchasable options, though.

Now, we’ll move to the final column on the right-side of the layout.

Color-Coded Tubing

This legend shows the dedicated line for each function of the Gartech Glue System as fitted with color-coded tubing. It’s a simple update, but one that reduces confusion and improves monitoring and maintenance. This upgrade replaces “clear” white tubing found in our DC-driven systems and AC systems manufactured prior to 2013.

Pneumatic & Valve Function

Below the color-coded tubing legend, we have a diagram that shows the plumbing and function of the pneumatic-activated ball valves and the water valve on the Glue Manifold. This coordinates which port controls which function, as well as letting users and techs verify that valves are operating in the correct and intended sequence. This is how to verify that glue and wash cycles are changing over without entering the machine. How? Each ball valve is fitted with an indicator (often black with yellow tabs). Each indicator turns according to whether it’s opened or closed.

Dual-Positive Timing Belt & Pulleys layout

While we’ve offered and custom-machined multiple styles of our aluminum glue unit housing, the style featured in this layout has been the standard for more than a decade. It’s for this reason, that we show the 57″ timing belt path and pulley designation contained within the housing and accessible by way of removable covers. This layout determines the direction the Glue Wheels turn in relation to the motor and to one another.

Note: The Glue Wheels must turn in opposite directions to feed the corrugated box through the machine.

Last on our layout, is a simple listing of flow/rotation direction callouts and reinforced hose sizes.

Of course, if you have questions we haven’t listed–or if you’re feeling a little confused by it all–let us know how we can help. A benefit of the Gartech Glue System is that it’s customizable to suit the needs of your plant’s equipment.

Download the image as a PDF file: Gartech Glue System 2017