Bimba Cylinder Assembly layout for Gartech Glue System

Gartech Glue System users can view a layout of the Bimba-brand air cylinder assembly here. This air-operated (pneumatic) component controls the movement of the Lower Arm Assembly on the Gartech Glue System during Run mode and Idle mode by raising toward or lowering away the Gartech Glue Wheel from the feed line. The Lower Arm Assembly includes the Gartech Glue Wheel, Gartech Lower Glue Shoe with Mounting Plate, as well as one Glue Shaft assembly and the Pivot Pin. The Bimba-brand air cylinder mounts to the Gartech Glue Unit Housing and the GAR-GU2-2016 Cylinder Mounting Plate.

Upgrade to an air cylinder with internal wipers.
Figure GA-07 showing assembly components of the Bimba-brand air cylinder

Since 2013, this cylinder has become the standard model for all new Gartech Glue Systems and replacement parts. The Bimba 172-DPW model features internal wipers that protect the performance and life of the cylinder by removing contaminants like paper dust and glue. Like the previous Bimba 172-DP model, it fits all Gartech Glue Systems and can be interchanged with older model systems.

As you’ll notice, we use both ports on the cylinder for smoother operation and reduction of wear by controlling the extending and retracting functions of the cylinder. Both airlines are individually adjustable based on your plant’s air, and for achieving the smoothest performance. With controlled air from both ends of the cylinder, the system achieves greater stability in the lower wheel, and less “jerking” action on startup.

Note: The extend-function of the cylinder raises the wheel, and the retract-function lowers the wheel. This isn’t the same as setting the nip adjustment, which is found on the underside of the Lower Arm Assembly. The nip is set according to the thickness of box you’re running and determines the gap between the wheels. The cylinder maintains smooth motion and steady hold from Run mode (where the gap is set) to Idle mode (where the Glue Wheel is lowered out of service).

If you are running a system that uses only one port, we do offer a simple upgrade package.