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Glue Formula recommendations

We’ll get the puns about glue formula recommendations out of the way first: It’s a sticky subject. Yes. It needn’t be, though. In today’s tips and techniques entry, we’re listing some formulas recommended to us by the fine staff at Henkel. Some years ago, while National Starch, they tested and determined formulas that worked optimally with the Gartech Glue System overseas. As times and ownership changed, they continued offering quality adhesive products and tested more formulas.

Gartech does not profit from the sell of any adhesive or secondary products not sold directly with our Glue System. Jim Garrett and the service techs employed by Gartech have enjoyed the assistance from National Starch and Henkel experts. As a company, we believe in their product and trust in its quality.


Glue Formula Recommendations

From our manual, Section A, page 4, we list these requirements:

The Gartech glue unit is designed for use with good, quality, water-based resin adhesives with an approximate viscosity of 700 to 2000 centipoise (CPS). The customer should work with their glue supplier on these specifications: (As recommended by leading adhesive suppliers.)

1)  Be sheer stable.

2)  Should not break down or dry out because of “friction heat” generated by the glue wheel.

3)  700-2000 CPS at 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

4)  Good machining qualities.

5)  Good clean up.

6)  Contain a wetting agent if possible.

7)  Contain no clay or other fillers.

8)  Should be filtered through a fine mesh screen.

9)  Approximately 54% solids.

In talking with one of Henkel’s technical services managers, we were offered the following glue formula recommendations from their Aquence line:

Aquence FB 5489MUV (500 cps)

Formerly branded Velocity 56-5489MUV. This thinner formula has proven successful. Again, it works best when the metering recommendations are followed. This gap may not seem like it’s enough but thinner formulas require less gap to reduce waste and ensure effectiveness.

Aquence CG 9060 (700 cps)

Formerly branded ADHESIN® 33-9060. This is the preferred formula for most of the flexo lines we’ve equipped with a Gartech Glue System. It’s 54% solids (approx) and works best when closely metering the Gartech Glue Shoe and Gartech Glue Wheel on high-speed flexo lines. It is tacky and features very fast setting.

A single 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of sustainable, 20 lb. copy paper is .0035″ in thickness.

Aquence CG 9201 (1300 cps)

The former RESYN 33-9201. Co-Polymer Emulsion for Glue Lap application.

Aquence CG 034A (1600 cps)

Formerly branded ADHESIN® 33-034A. This formula contains 52% solids and works best on slow line speeds. Customers who set a larger gap have also benefited from this formula.

Aquence CG 070A (1650 cps)

Formerly branded ADHESIN® Ultimate Control 33-070A. High-Performance Formulated Emulsion. One of its suggested uses is on glued lap applications requiring good “retack.”

Aquence CG 1556 TGUV (~2000 cps)

A High Performance Formulated Emulsion suggested for high quality, fast setting & high tack glued lap adhesive. This formula offers both high-tack and fast-set speed as well as long-open time to hold together a box.

Worth noting

Each of the above formulas meet composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 “Adhesives” as per their technical data sheets.

These aren’t the only Henkel products that work with the Gartech Glue System. They do provide you with a place to begin, however. If you aren’t using Henkel in your facility, it might be worth comparing their formulas to what you’re using. We aren’t rejecting their competitors. Since we’re often asked our opinion on glue, we’re posting it here as a reference.

One last reminder: We only recommend running cold water through the Gartech Glue System.