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  • Phone217.324.6529
  • Address1400 West Hudson Drive | Litchfield, Illinois | 62056

Gartech’s New Option for Added Glue Supply at the Wheel

Gartech now offers a GU3-series Glue Shoe designed to reduce glue starvation and flow-related issues.

Showing the pocket of the GU3-series Gartech Glue Shoe.

A deeper pocket within the Gartech GU3-series Glue Shoe has proven successful on our 4″ and 5″ pattern widths. Now, the design is offered in specific cases where specialty tabs or extra long tabs create issues of glue starvation.

A GU3-series 2″ shoe beside a GU2-series 2″ shoe.
Comparison of volume between the two shoe designs. The GU3-series 2″ shoe holds 8oz of liquid and the GU2-series 2″ shoe holds around 5.5oz of liquid.

This design increases the individual shoe’s supply with 30% more glue than our angular GU2-series Glue Shoe design; which has proven successful on hundreds of systems.

Showing the profile of the GU3-series Gartech Glue Shoe with quick-release fittings and mounting bolt.

With 1-1/4″ additional coverage of the Glue Applicator Wheel, more of the shoe’s supply is available. This means a “fresh” covering of glue across more of the wheel surface with no change in the metered glue width.

Showing the GU3-series Glue Shoe with a 2″ Gartech Glue Wheel.

The GU3-series Glue Shoe is the only component that changes. The same Gartech Glue Wheel, the same Glue Shoe Mounting Plate, and even the same (proper-length) mounting bolt can be used.

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