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Gartech Glue System Quick Ref, Part 2: Pattern Problems

Problems, Common Causes & Solutions

This is the second portion of this three-part series, compiled by Technician Mike Frosh and based on recurring problems he encounters during service calls. In addition to recognizing these problems, you’ll find and their common causes and solutions for excessive Glue Wheel movement, a “bouncing” Glue Wheel, and a varying glue pattern.

Problem: Excessive Glue Wheel Movement

This is a physical characteristic where the Glue Wheel is no longer seated in a secure or stable manner.

Common cause: Either the Glue Wheel or its associated Glue Pulley has suffered wear to the keyway.

Solution: Replace either of the worn parts and the key that seats the part.

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Note: While parts to wear down with time, evaluating a preventive maintenance program or increasing the regularity of service calls can prevent wear and prolong the life of parts.

Problem: “Bouncing” in the Lower Glue Wheel

This physical characteristic is noticed most often while the Glue System is in Idle Mode.

Common cause: An over-tightened mounting bolt.

Solution: Loosen and retighten the Glue Shoe mounting bolt. We recommend 8 foot-pounds on the proper length 3/8-16 stainless steel mounting bolt (listed in the link below).

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Note: Overtightening with the wrong-sized bolt damages the Glue Shoe and its mounting plate. The shoe on its warped plate then acts as a brake against the wheel. If you see uneven wear in the Glue Shoe, check the bolt to be sure it’s the correct length.

Problem: Varying Glue Pattern performance

This presents as varying pattern lengths along the tab. The pattern might change from narrow to normal or from narrow to wide when this happens.

Common cause: Improper Glue Wheel speed.

Solution: If the speed is too slow, you may observe a widened pattern from too long of a transfer time between the Glue Wheel and the tab.  If the speed is too fast, you may observe a narrow pattern. The speeds should be adjusted in the control panel according to materials provided with your system or you can request a service call or tech support.

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Note: It’s good to rule out the “little things” too. Sometimes what seems like a major problem can be something as simple to fix as an under-tightened belt or an over-tightened bolt.