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  • Phone217.324.6529
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Gartech Glue System Recommended Spare Parts

Recommended Mechanical Spare Parts

For reasons of machine downtime, unforeseen incident, even the unexpectedness of shipping nightmares, there are a few spare components which we recommend our Gartech Glue System users keep on-hand. While many of the components remain workable through proper maintenance, this list allows the system to keep functioning from a mechanical standpoint.

Depending on the glue pattern width in use, part numbers for wheels and shoes vary and should be taken from the actual parts supplied with your Gartech Glue System.

Due to the unpredictable nature of electronic and pneumatic components, we don’t ask customers to keep spares. Your plant’s team of electricians and maintenance experts have a better idea which components your plant may need to keep in reserve. If you see a specific need, please request a quote from us.

Dual-Positive Timing Belt

We recommend keeping a spare timing belt in the event that the existing belt frays and snaps. Most of our systems run either a 57″ or a 75″ belt. If you’re running multiple glue systems with the same-length belt, keeping one belt as a spare is a good idea.

Dual-positive belts grip from inside and outside.

Glue Pump Rebuild Kit

More cost-effective than keeping an entire pump on-hand, this kit replaces the internal workings of the existing pump. Maintaining proper wash cycle frequency and preventive maintenance will prolong the pump, too.

637161-44-C Diaphragm Pump Repair kit

Glue Reservoir Assembly

This seems like an insignificant spare but we recommend it as part of your maintenance program. A spare reservoir lets operators or maintenance remove the existing reservoir and set the spare in its place, reducing downtime while housekeeping functions are performed.

Upper & Lower Glue Shoe set

Don’t throw-out worn shoes. An extra set of shoes prove useful when the existing shoes need redress, just as redressing old glue shoes lets you keep a larger supply on-hand. Most shoes can be redressed 4-5 times but you’ll need a spare set.

Glue Wheel

Screwdrivers, metal scrapers, hammers, other tools, or mishandling damage the working surface of the wheel. The Gartech Glue Wheel does take abuse before it needs a redress, meaning you need a wheel to put in its place during the process.

Whatever the scenario, we recommend a spare Glue Wheel due to its importance in the overall performance.

A more affordable option here might be the Gartech Pressure Wheel. While not a working wheel, it lets the system keep running if only (1) Glue Wheel becomes worn or damaged. Since Gartech Glue Wheels are interchangeable between upper and lower, the Pressure Wheel and Glue Wheel can be alternated when necessary for a change in inside and outside gluing.

Glue Wheel Shaft Kit

This particular kit of spare components is one of the more important sets. These parts can often eliminate problems of runout caused by bearing failure and worn keys. The parts interchange between upper and lower wheels.